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Outdoor camping and nature close contact

Outdoor camping and nature close contact
Issue Time:2017-12-12
Last summer, Meng Haijun, 40, gave a meaningful gift to her son who graduated from elementary school. "On the one hand, I want to take my child to relax, on the other hand, I want my child to be close to nature, so I created a chance for the whole family to have close contact with nature." Now Menghai Jun is still "emotionally" . Meng Haijun and her husband took their son to Chongqing Wuling Mountain National Forest Park for a two-day camping experience. "The scenery is beautiful, it's a good place to stay away from the hustle and bustle and get close to nature. You can also experience the different fun like camping," said Meng Haijun.

Meng Haijun told reporters, "Now the children like to sit there to play mobile phones or tablet PCs, do not like moving at all, the child's nature has been lost .I have always wanted him and his father to cultivate him into a sunshine, positive upward Boy, so this time we decided to go camping with him, walking outdoors, breathing in fresh air and feeling the power of nature.But the child was not initially interested, so we made a lot of work on the choice of destination. We chose the Wuling Mountain National Forest Park with a summer animation lantern festival, various kinds of cartoon characters such as Transformers, Kung Fu Panda, and various themes such as the Zodiac. My son was overwhelmed and returned to the tent and was still chattering endlessly. Another activity that makes Meng Hai-jun's son a favorite is his "camp." And mom and dad to work together to build a temporary new home at night, so happy for him. "My son especially enjoyed the trip and was still clamoring for another trip."

In Meng Haijun's opinion, the first journey of her son with her husband was very successful. Son began to like to participate in outdoor activities, no longer show the exclusion of traveling abroad. The first camping experience not only broadened the horizons of children, opened their hearts, but also enhanced his self-care ability and ability to cope with relatively harsh environments. Not only that, Meng Haijun's son started to study insects from home, cultivating new hobbies. This makes Meng Haijun and Mr. very pleasant surprise.

For 25-year-old Qingdao guy Shao Ziming, camping memory from the beginning of college. Shao Ziming recalled that during the "11th" holiday in Beijing when going to college, it was especially interesting for our five brothers to bring camping tents to the Shidu Scenic Area in Beijing for camping, playing cards and chatting together. At that time I was not going to take a tent at the beginning, and now I think it's funny. During my graduation trip, my classmates and I went to the Emerald Island along the golden coast of Changli in Beidaihe. Play on the island, sand, participate in bonfire party, camping, very lively. Impressed most is the night can not sleep, get up flashlight to see the "ghost blow light" while reading the book while listening to the sound of the waves, really a little nervous.

Later work, Shao Ziming one person to Jiangxi Wugongshan. "No one along the way, go to the evening, camp and choose to find this piece of heaven and earth only belongs to their own contented, accompanied by insects and wind and rain fell asleep, very comfortable." Now as long as the holidays, Shao Ziming will go or near or Far from camping, because he fell in love with this feeling of close to nature. "It is very interesting! All the modern people are fleeing the city. Camping is one of the most important ways to get in touch with nature. You feel the beauty of nature, absorb some positive energy and continue to work hard." Shao Zi-ming said with emotion.