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7 Tips For Camping In your hammock

7 Tips For Camping In your hammock
Issue Time:2017-11-01
1.Hang With SAG
For the best hammock hang,the straps should hang approximately 30 degrees down from horizontal.Don't fear the sag!
2.Keep Level Ends
make sure that your hammock straps are at the same height and the same length.If you're still slipping,tighten the strap on the end you're slipping towards.
3.sleep diagonally
Try turning your body 30 degrees from the center of the hammock.You will lay flatter,which will relieve pressure on your shoulders and calves,it also gives you the option of sleeping on your side!
4.Neck or knee pillow
If you are still experiencing pressure to your calves or shoulders try sleeping with a neck or knee pillow.Don't want to bring a pillow?Use clothing or even try a large water bottle under your knees to eliminate pressure.
5.Beat the bugs
One of the big downsides to sleeping in a hammock are those pesky mosquitos.Visit Hobo Hammocks to shop for a mosquito net hammock!
6.Don't fear the fall
Our camping hammocks are specially designed with no spreader bar.(the spreader bar can make a hammock very unstable)
7.Use a sleeping pad
Sleeping while suspended in a hammock tends to be a bit chillier due to the drafts under your booty.A sleeping pad will help keep you roasty toasty.You can also use on underquilt,reflective blanket,or sunshade!