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8 health benefits of hammocks

8 health benefits of hammocks
Issue Time:2017-11-02
1.Hanging out may cure insomnia
Sleeping in a hammock can reduce,and in some cases eliminate insomnia.
2.Hammocks make you sleep deeper
Sleeping in a hammock causes deeper sleep,improving mood,cognition and memory.
3.They make you fall asleep faster
You fall asleep quicker in a hammock than a traditional bed.
4.Hammocks help reduce stress
Hammocks can reduce overall stress and thereby blood pressure.
5.The Ideal sleeping position
Hammocks provide the ideal sleeping position.Offering optimal circulation and less breathing obsructions
6.They help with a sore back
Hammocks have no pressure point.The vertebrae,head and tail bones all align properly.This helps with aches and pains.
7.Hammocks improve cognition
Hammock usage has been linked with improved brain activity.It's being used to help treat students with learning disabilities.
8.Hammocks help meditation
Swaying in a hammock makes the brainwaves stronger and synchronized.