To be a lake
Issue Time:2018-02-01
When i was young, i was always frustrated,almost everything ending in failure.I became utterly disheartened.sighing miserably all day.Having seen me like that,my farther decided to enlighten and cheer me up.
One day He gave me a cup of water and asked me to taste it.I found it salty.My farther said He just put one small spoonful of salt in the cup.And Then He led me to a lake,where He scattered a big handful of salt into the lake.scooped up a spoonful of water and let me taste it again.
He asked does it still taste salty.Not at all,i said
My farther said,now you may know the root of your pains,you are just a cup of water,but not a lake,to be a lake, and you won't feel miserable Any more.
I came to understand my farther's motive.That i feel miserable is because my heart is as small as a cup of water without grand ideals and ambitions as a lake
To be a lake with great ideals and ambitions,your pains of failures and frustration will be dissolved and melted instantly like the salt scattered into the lake.