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Amily's story

Amily's story
Issue Time:2018-02-03
For a company, on-time delivery is one of the important thing that we pay attention to. To ensure the rights and interests of customers , most of our terms of shipment is FOB. The contract stipulates that we deliver the goods to the designated port within the delivery time and deliver the goods to the designated freight forwarder to finish the delivery of the goods.
But sometimes, the customer's stock is shortage. They are anxious to receive the goods, then we will also arrange to send the goods by air to customers. According to customers’ requirements, we will arrange the goods as soon as possible to the logistics company, But this is not in line with the contract requirements, we just want to supply the better services to our customers.

Once, our goods have been produced, and according to the communication with customer, we need to send the whole goods in two batches. Some need to ship by sea, others need to ship by air. When we send the goods to the designated port, the staff informed us that the documents can not meet the requirements , and we need to send the original documents, thus they can arrange the shipping. It will take at least two days for us to send the document. If so, the goods can not delivery our customers on time. Considering that our customers want to receive these goods soon. So we immediately contact another express company which is more expensive. The two courier companies were far away, and we needed to deliver the goods at the required time. it was dark and raining at that time. Through our efforts, the goods were promptly delivered to the plane before customs clearance. Although our customers  do not know how much effort we made to let him receive the goods on time, the customers’ satisfaction is our best reward.