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Levy's story

Levy's story
Issue Time:2018-02-03
Cold, hunger, dizzy,
Dragging a tired body, I open the house.
My colleague Thomas is inspecting the goods piece by piece in the workshop now.
Our customers should be having lunch at this time ...
This is our second collaboration, the girl who contact me named Candies, is a lively and cheerful single girl. She is very dedicated in her work, and likes to ask questions. I always tried my best to help her with design, selection, inquiry, pricing and even logistics problem. Now, we are good friends.
One night two months ago, she suddenly called me and asked with a bit of anticipation. "Levy, the last time, I bought 500 pcs sleeping pads from you. And now they sold very well , which exceeded our expectations. I would like to know whether  the 2000pcs of sleeping pads for this order can be delivered in advance one month?I'm really sorry and I know it  will be difficult for you and  give you a lot of extra work .  But we hope you can help us to solve this problem. Now we have a  shortage of stock.”
This time, China's New Year is coming, factories are very busy and occupied. The workers hope to go home early. Delivering the goods in one months in advance, she did give me a hard problem. I can only answer "I will check with the factory immediately and reply you as soon as possible", then I called our manager to explain the situation. Twenty minutes later, the manager replied: "we will try our best to meet customer requirements. Thomas will go to the factory tomorrow and inspect these goods."
After talking with Candies , I called Thomas again.
Luckily, everything is going well. Only I know how many sleepless nights Thomas has experienced in this month.
Open the house, it  is dark, I only can see a pair of slippers are neatly placed in front of the door, which should be my sensible son who did it ......
Thanks for my family, to give me endless understanding and love.
Thanks for my colleagues,  to give me strong support and help.
Thanks for my customers,  your trust is our greatest achievement.
Thanks for my company, to give us the opportunity to help more people to solve their problems.