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The mysterious gift

The mysterious gift
Issue Time:2018-03-05
9:12 Am, Shanghai, we are on the way to send our customers to the airport. 
Our customers will take the plane of 13:00 pm .
The spare time left to us is only about 1 hour,
This thing can not let the customer know,
We have to do it in secret ...
9:20 Am, Dalian, in the office of Eaglesight company 
"Ginger, help to write a greeting card."
"Diamond and Amily, help to contact the cake shop closest to the airport and order a cake. Pls be sure that the cake must be delivered before 11: 00!"
"Nicole, pls help to arrange the payment”
Luna, (Chief Executive ) when you received my SMS, Please arrange immediately.
This is not the first time that our team need to cooperate like this,
But it is really a little urgent for this time.
10:30 Am, Shanghai, Our car arrived at the airport
Take baggage,
Take boarding pass,
Everything goes well!
My cell phone rang
"Hi Sir ,your cake is ready, where are you?"
11:00 Am, Shanghai, in the Starbucks of Hongqiao Airport 
Under the warm candlelight, we saw the happy and excited
face of our customers.
Three Swedes, two Chinese,
Sing softly "Happy birthday to you!"
Eagelsight, our team,Always try to do better than you think!