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How to choose sleeping bags by shape

How to choose sleeping bags by shape
Issue Time:2018-03-23
How to choose sleeping bags by shape
There are 4 types of sleeping bags that popular on the market: Rectangular, Semi-rectangular, Mummy And Double-Wide. Do you know the characteristics of each shape sleeping bag? Do you know how to choose different shapes of sleeping bags? Please read the following carefully.
Most Common Design, maximum comfort and roominess, but the Insulation performance is general. Usually rectangular bags are suitable for warm weather(+35°F and higher)
The tapered designed of Semi-rectangular shape bags, offer more insulation than rectangular sleeping bags, and still keep enough roomy for campers to sleep comfortable at night. So they are popular used for both camping and backpacking. Usually design for 3-Season sleeping bags (+10°F to +35°F).
Mummy-shaped bags are designed with narrow shoulder and hip widths in order to maximize warmth/weight ratio. They can offer the best insulation, but less comfortable, common in winter sleeping bag design. If you’ll go backpacking and don’t want to carry a heavy load on your back, mummy bag is a good choice.
Double-wide bags are designed for two people to sleep comfortably together, and can be use with air sleeping pad for a cozy night's sleep. Most models can zip apart into 2 individual bags if you go camping with your beloved.