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Down vs Synthetic Insulation: How To Choose Sleeping Bag By Insulation

Down vs Synthetic Insulation: How To Choose Sleeping Bag By Insulation
Issue Time:2018-03-27
Down vs Synthetic Insulation: How To Choose Sleeping Bag By Insulation
Sleeping bag fillings are mainly divided into three types: Synthetic Insulation, Down Insulation and Water-Resistant Down Insulation.
Down Insulation
Down insulation is pure natural, which comes from the lofty plumage underneath goose and duck wings. Due to the high price, down insulation is used in high-end sleeping bag filling.

Down insulation works by locking a large amount of still air so that the hot and cold air cannot convect, keeping your body warm.

The Down insulation sleeping bag is lightweight and can be compressed into a small size.It's very suitable for a backpacker with limited weight.

However, the down insulation sleeping bag has a significant defect. Once the using environment is relatively humid, the sleeping bag can easily lose its insulation effect due to dampness.
Synthetic Insulation
Although synthetic insulation sleeping bag is less thermal performance than down sleeping bag, It makes up for the shortcomings of the down sleeping bag that can't be used in a wet environment. 

Synthetic insulation is typically made of polyester, It’s quick-drying and insulates even if it gets wet. Because when it gets wet, the moisture is trapped between the fibers, rather than in them, making it much easier to dry. Its also has other advantages, such as durable, non-allergenic and lower price. That is why most campers prefer synthetic insulation to down insulation for its strong overall performance and friendly price tag. 

But the synthetic insulation bag is hard to compress and the synthetic fibers will slowly break down, so you need to take above factors into consideration before buying.
Water-Resistant Down Insulation
The appearance of water-Resistant goose down is a good solution to the drawbacks of down sleeping bags that cannot be used in wet environments.
In the manufacturing process, each piece of down feather is coated with a water-resistant coating before it is filling into the sleeping bag. This process requires a very high level of technology and costs. So the price of the Water-Resistant Down Insulation sleeping bag is also expensive. Consider of the thermal insulation performance and small package, i think it is worthy.

After reading the above words, have you decided to buy which type of sleeping bag?