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Traveling Couple

Traveling Couple
Issue Time:2018-04-16
Traveling Couple
Proposing in the North Pole and getting married in the South Pole might be romantic enough for most couples.
What about flying a modified plane around the globe, or driving through 16 Middle East countries during armed conflicts?
Chinese couple Zhang Xinyu and Liang Hong have done all of them. They also created the unique unscripted reality show called: "On the Road".
The couple from Beijing seems very amiable and straightforward. The two outdoor enthusiasts are suntanned and in plain outfits. Zhang got the nickname "270" from his weight, while his wife got her special charm from her deep dimples.
The childhood sweethearts met each other at the age of four. At adulthood they started a successful business together. On good days, they could earn more than 10,000 yuan (about 1,588 US dollars) a day.

Zhang gradually got fed over the"successful" lifestyle of luxury hotels and frequent flights."It was like showing off," he said. In 2008, Zhang witnessed a lot ofdeaths when he went as a volunteer to Wenchuan County in SW China's SichuanProvince, site of a deadly 8.0-magnitude earthquake.
He and Liang then came to reconsider how they shouldlive in the future: "One has only about 20,000 days in a lifetime. We justcan't let our lives go that way," he said. Therefore, they made a promiseabout a global trip in around 10 years.
On the Road is just one of their many steps together. At first, they just tried to "play in a different way". They set off for the North Pole with a cameraman and then decided to propose there. To their surprise, the footage of their journey became so popular on the Internet that a video site offered to fund their journey.
In 2014, they sailed around the world in eight months on a sail boat they modified by themselves. In the South Pole, they held a simple, but dreamlike wedding ceremony with a lot of penguin around as the backdrop.
To see the world together is the original slogan of "On the Road" series and is the shared dream of the couple. From Marum Crater to Chernobyl, they not only go for the astonishing wonders, but also to experience life in different parts of the world.

How is the life like for average persons in pirate-rampant Somalia?

How do eloping Indian lovers cope with the caste system in the country?
Before the trips, the Chinese couple couldn't ever imagine those things, neither could most of their TV series' audiences. They could only in most cases to observe and record during their journey.
Sometimes, however, they couldn't resist becoming part of what see.
They accepted at a cemetery candies offered by an old lady who had lost her children.
They "restored" the Buddhas of Bamiyan – an Afghan national treasure destroyed by Taliban with the help of American scholar Nancy Dupree and 3D hologram technology. Liang has learned from these trips that: "Even in the most extreme environment, we can always meet people with positive spirit. And we got so much energy from them.”
The couple has been to over 200 countries, and they have crossed boarders from land, sea and sky. They've seen districts and towns ruined by military conflicts. Many of those places had never seen a Chinese face before.
We've been on the road for nine years, said Zhang, "We've made friends all over the world and done a lot of things worth trying. We've found our way of living in the long journey.”
The 10-year promise is about to be fulfilled. Written on their company's website is, however: "We are still on the road”.