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world debut : values of ealgesight

world debut : values of ealgesight
Issue Time:2018-07-16
Development strategy
Vision: Let our partners achieve wealth and spiritual happiness. Actively promote the harmonious coexistence of human society and nature, make the earth full of love and warmth.
Mission: Enable human beings to experience the happiness and beauty of the unity of man and nature in outdoor life.
Core Values: Respect for nature and love for mankind, acheive the unity of inner knowledge and action.

Enterprise culture
Corporate codes of conduct(The six endeavors).
1. Strive harder than anyone else.
2. Remain humble.
3. Reflect daily.
4. Appreciate life.
5. Do good deeds and serve others.
6. Don’t dwell on the past.
Workplace codes of conduct ( 10 principles.)
1. Protect the health of others.
2. Honor your own financial commitments.
3, Not to be swayed by external circumstances.
4. Only deliver the truthful information.
5. Unite the colleagues.
6. Speak in professional and respectful way.
7. Only speak meaningful words.
8. Enjoy what you have.
9. Be happy for the accomplishments of others.
10. See the potential in everything.